Proboscis Monkey

The Proboscis Monkey is also known in Malaysia as ‘Dutch Monkey’. It can grow up to 66-72 cm long and weigh between 16 – 23 kg. Their tails are as long as their body. They are found only on the island of Borneo, where they live in mangroves, lowland riverrine and swamp forests. Female reach maturity at 4 years, and males between 4-5 years. The average life expectancy is 20 years. The gestation period is about 5 months. Newborn has a deep blue face color and changes to its adult colors at about 3-4 months. Parental care usually last about one until one and half years. The diet consists of plant materials such as leaves, fruits, seeds, flowers and insects. In the wild, they are usually found in groups consisting the all male groups and others forms harem consisting one mature male and several females and their offspring. They are diurnal, active mostly in the early morning and late afternoon.


~ by alaminabdullah on May 23, 2010.

3 Responses to “Proboscis Monkey”

  1. kiut la. kat mn ne..nama tmpt..?

  2. Salam sir..dh jarang update blog?

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