Remembrance Day Ceremony 2008

Every year on Sunday closest to November 11, Remembrance Day Ceremony or “Poppy Day” is conducted to commemorate those who had fallen in Borneo during the Second World War. The labuan War Cemetery was primarily intended to commemorate the officers and men of the Australian Army and Air Force. The died as prisoners-of-war (POWs) in Borneo and in the Philippines from 1942 to 1945 together with other fallen men who fought during the 1945 operations to recover Borneo. The site was officiated by the Australian Goverment in June 1953, contains 3908 graves of soldiers in perfectly squared platoons, much alike they would stand in salutation;alive. These soldiers came from Australia, Great Britain, India, New Zealand and malaysia. Of these 3908 graves, 2156 were unidentified and became known as simply ‘Known Unto God’. (Source: Labuan Tourism Action Council)














~ by alaminabdullah on November 8, 2009.

2 Responses to “Remembrance Day Ceremony 2008”

  1. Wei! pi tak ajak aku…. lain kali call ler!

  2. sori byk2..aku pn aritu tak tau nk ajak sapa..aku sorg2 ja g sana..aku ada jg call saiful tp dia xangkat.aku terlupa lak kt kt sana ramai la org amik gmbr.sori D..thn dpn kita g sama.

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